A pair of Scottish all-metal pistols, T. Murdoch in Leith and Doune, circa 1760

Round barrels fluted at the breeches with octagonal cannon muzzles. Smooth bores in 15 mm calibre. The upper sides of the barrels engraved with floral and ornamental decoration. Engraved flintlocks with signature "To. Murdoch", button triggers. Belt clasps screw-mounted on the lock side plate. Profusely engraved iron stocks with silver inlays. Unscrewable cleaning pick between the volutes of each pommel. Oval silver plates applied to the grips on both sides. Intricately crafted iron ramrods. Length of each 29.5 cm. Thomas Murdoch (1741 - 1791), recorded as gunsmith in Leith and Doune. Renowned for his Highland pistols, a pair of which he bestowed upon the Prince of Wales in 1790. Cf. "Der neue Stöckel", p. 846.
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