Pair of pistols in knobs in the Eagle Imperial

Signed by Ringeisen in Paris both on the platinums(decks) and on the artillery, these powerful military pistols (length 37 cms) in the artillery of calibre of finely lined(finely crossed off) 17,5 mm are in knobs in the eagle imperial as those used by the Emperor (see the pair of pistols to the same type(chap) of knobs grip(taking) to Napoleon in Waterloo).

Only the quite powerful Napoleon possessed pistols in the eagle Imperial in knob.

No other one of his(her) officers would have allowed to carry(wear) this model.

This type(chap) of pistol of Ringeisen had been spotted(located) by Pierre Jarlier (to see " which(who) are who(which) " Pierre Jarlier and Jean-Jacques Buigné)

A pistol in the knob in the eagle is also kept(preserved) in Switzerland(Swiss) in Morges military museum

Three of these pistols are known, of whom(which) two in museums, every time alone pistols, never a pair as we propose it

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