Nicolas-Noël BOUTET (1761-1833)

Known as the greatest Arquebusier of his time, Nicolas-Noël BOUTET realised pieces that come close to perfection in decoration as in harmony.

The finish, the elegance,the solidity of the luxury guns which are perfectly in proportion, will never be realised anymore.

The Versailles Manufactory is forever linked with the name of Nicolas-Noël Boutet.

We remember, besides the standard arms; the extraordinary luxury and honour arms were offered to the dignitaries, the notables and leaders of other countries.

Nicolas-Noël Boutet has the merit to refer, in the repertoire of his time, to the Greek and Roman antiquity, Egyptology and many excellent designer, preoccupied by the quality and perfect finishing, he hires experts in several disciplines who will work with the finest and precious materials to realise REAL PIECES OF ART

Ordinary Arquebusier of the King after his wedding with the daughter of Mr Desainte in 1788 (Léonie-Emilie), he is nominated artistical director of the Rifles Manufactory of Versailles the 23th of August 1792.

The 19th of november 1798, the Board makes him General Director of the Manufactory of Arms and the Repair Workshop of France. From the 24th of December he will dedicate himself entirely to the administration of the Versailles Manufactory.

Without any doubt being the most brilliant Arquebusier of the Emperor, he continues his work until his death in 1833.

In person of Nicolas-Noël Boutet, The French Arquebuserie has known for a while a golden age in one's history particularly prolific and creative into the balance and the perfection art.

That is precisely this magic moment of the history we would love to share with you.

Marianne Paris

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