Interested by a piece or you want to add a piece - ONLY MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION. Joining the Memorial, passionate by Nicolas-Noël Boutet, collector, you want to propose other pieces of the artist, you want a valuation by approved expert, you want to be informed as soon as a new piece enters the collection, you want to participate to exchanges...


Your details remain confidential and will not be given, in any case, to a third party. (In accordance to the recommendations of the National Commission of Data Processing and Liberties)

Deal terms : the webmaster makes the connection between the different participants, without any responsability, wish is recognised by the participants the deals are being made only and exclusively under the personal responsability of the participants, herely excluding the responsability of the Webmaster. A valuation can always be executed by an agreed expert under the conditions agreed with the expert. The potential participants will have the possibility to examine personally every object that might interest them, to find out the impeccable state of the piece undertheir own responsability; no claim will be admitted between the participants once the transaction has been finalised. The participants must accept the actual conditions of the transaction.

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